Subhash R. Ghosh


Subhash R. Ghosh is a seasoned Techno Marketing professional with over 02 decades of rich corporate experience in in Marketing, Innovation, Business Development and Sales in the TMT and Entertainment Sectors.

Subhash R. Ghosh is the Founder & Chairman of Technoplat Pte Ltd., which has set up the Tech Singapore Advocates across 06 South-East countries e.g., Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

He is also the Founder & MD of Lemon, a set of Technology Consulting services, having its offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore and in India.

Lemon, between its 03 organizations, is having a network covering 38 countries, helping organizations with the following services:

  • Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  • Business Transformation Strategy
  • International Market Access
  • Technology Product Advisory Services, leading to product innovation& product development.

In addition to the above, Lemon offers “Content & IP Audit” (CIPA) Service, which essentially helps large content companies to re-harvest the Intellectual Properties (IPs) of the old content catalogue and monetize them over digital network.

CIPA is licensed and distributed through some of the leading global firms like Ernst & Young TATA Communications and Tech Mahindra.