About Us

Tech Singapore Advocates is a not-for-profit entity focussed on the tech sector. Our mission is to foster, nurture and incubate and accelerate the growth of technology innovation and digital businesses in Singapore and across South East Asia.

Tech Singapore Advocates is co-founded by Subhash R Ghosh and Ashish Kothari.

Tech Singapore Advocates has been incorporated along the lines of Tech London Advocates with the vision of creating a strong and vibrant tech corridor between London in the United Kingdom and Singapore Alongwith five other Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam).

Tech Singapore Advocates will collaborate with the Global Tech Advocates' ecosystem consisting of its global chapters Tech London Advocates, Tech North Advocates (North of England), Tech Nordic Advocates (Scandinavia and the Baltics), and Tech Bay Area Advocates (California). Tech London Advocates also has several geographic working groups including TLA India, TLA China, TLA Africa and TLA Australia & New Zealand.

Tech London Advocates is a private sector led coalition of over 5,000 experts, key opinion leaders and policy makers from the tech sector in over 50 countries, who have committed to championing London’s potential as a world-class hub for tech and digital businesses. It strives to support London’s tech start-ups and high-growth businesses in finding new investment, new talent and continued success. It also aims to connect London tech with other leading tech hubs around the world.

Subhash R. Ghosh


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Ashish Kothari


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